The Wild Roulette Wheel


The rattling sound of the ball dropping in a slot, the wild and feral turning of the red and black wheel, and the frantic cheering of the upbeat crowd; these are the pleasures you’ll get from playing the game of roulette in any of UK’s popular casinos.

Many people come to the casino with the intention of only spending a few bucks on the fruit slots but end up on the casino floor. Roulette is, by far, one of the most popular games in every casino, even in online casinos. Players placing inside bets for roulette usually choose either a small range of numbers or an exact digit. They are given a different set of chips with various distinctive colors which represent different monetary values. Players who bet on the “outside” gamble on either the color black or red, the large positional groupings of the pockets or odd or even numbers. The appointed person for the table, or the croupier, spins the wheel in one direction and the white ball in the other direction. For online casino roulette games, these functions are automated by a complex algorithmic program that manages the table.

Players in the game of roulette can continue to add on bets, as long as the croupier hasn’t announced “no more bets.” As the ball runs around the circumference of the wheel, it starts to slow. As it slows, it will land into one of the 37 (French and European) or 38 (American) colored and numbered compartments of the casino roulette wheel. The croupier or dealer will place the dolly on the winning color and number, and at this time, no one is allowed to add, collect or take away any bets on the roulette table layout. For online casino games, everything is automatic so the ability to place bets stops when the wheel starts to spin. The dealer is the sole person who is allowed to get or rake the losing bets and promptly distributes all the payouts for the inside and outside winning bets. Right after the dealer hands out the last of the payouts, he gets the dolly from the table and starts collecting fresh new bets.

If you have are having a bad run at the wheel, you can take a few minutes and visit the slots that are often located near the roulette table in most casinos. Fruit machines allow you to get your mind off the roulette wheel and refresh your luck. Online casinos are similar, but instead of taking a walk to another portion of the casino, you simply close the game room and open the slots game room.

Roulette is easy to learn, fun and ultimately exciting. Winning roulette is not the biggest excitement you’ll get from playing, it is when you breathlessly watch the ball spin and dribble before landing on a lucky number.

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